Graduate Program in Interpreting and Translation Studies

Graduate Profiles

Graduate Student Profiles

Nazanin Kaussari (ISH 2015)

Nazanin has been awarded a Boren Fellowship and will be traveling to Tajikistan to pursue Persian language and culture studies. She will be commenting on her travels and experiences on her blog:

Jordan Van Horn (ISH 2014)

Jordan has earned a scholarship at Columbia University and will be continuing her studies there in psycho-linguistics.

Tris Ann Faulkner (ITS 2014)

Tris has taken on a teaching position in Santiago, Chile

Elisabeth Baker (ITS 2014)

Elisabeth has started an internship with Prolanser, a interpreting and translation company in Managua, Nicaragua. You can follow her at her blog:

José Galindo-Macias (ITS 2014)

Major Galindo-Macias has returned to his duties as head of the Interpreter Corp for the Mexican Army

Derek Cotter (ITS 2013)

Derek is working as a medical interpreter for the Children’s Hospital in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Courtney Pelley (ISH 2013)

Courtney is finishing a fellowship at Brigham and Williams Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

Wesley Jones (ISH 2013)

Wesley is currently studying medicine at Campbell University.

 DeOnna Gray (ITS 2012)

DeOnna oversees DCCC’s Healthcare Interpreting Program and is the recipient of a 2014 College Educators Research Fellowship to support her research.