Graduate Program in Interpreting and Translation Studies



The internship requires a total of 60 hours of interpreting, shadowing, observing and/or gathering data, depending on the candidate’s chosen MA track and the nature of the internship. Interns will work closely with a faculty advisor and an on-site supervisor. The internship will allow students to make a rigorous connection between the academic knowledge acquired in the classroom and the practical experience in the workplace.

Community Care Center

The mission of the CCC is to provide access to compassionate, high-quality healthcare services to the medically uninsured and underserved who reside in Forsyth, Stokes or Davie counties and meet the eligibility guidelines of the Community Care Center. It was established by a group of visionary, retired physicians who wanted to help the increasing numbers of uninsured poor in our community. It is now the largest and most comprehensive free clinic in North Carolina.

The CCC has very few staff employees. Most providers and all interpreters are volunteers. As such, there is grate variation in their professionalism and language proficiency. While our interns may observe highly trained and capable interpreters, they will also witness deficient interpreting. For our interns, this provides the opportunity to observe first-hand the problems that arise from lack of professional training.

ISH interns at CCC will help the institution to design an efficient orientation session addressed at student, professional or non-professional volunteer interpreters covering different issues that have to do with their volunteer work in this field. The orientation course will target topics such as work-ethics, interpreter role and best practices to improve the quality of the service. In the first 30-40 hours of the internship, the student will observe a series of interpreting events. During that time, he/she will identify and gather information about issues that need to be addressed. In the remaining 30-20 hours, the student will proceed with the content outline for the session, taking the observations as a starting point.

Heather Martin (Patton)
Volunteer Coordinator
(336) 703-1516 x1
(336) 723-7904 x5
2135 New Walkertown Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Community Care Center

Downtown Health Plaza

The Downtown Health Plaza, an outpatient clinic of North Carolina Baptist Hospital, is designed to meet the needs of a growing, increasingly diverse population. It provides pediatric, OBGYN and General Internal Medicine services. It provides interpreting services through an on-site interpreting staff.

ITS interns will initially shadow and observe one or more staff interpreters and then will interpret under supervision of a staff interpreterand will experience the professional medical interpreting setting in the different departments.

For ISH interns, DHP has detected lack of awareness of the interpreter’s role by the service providers. The ISH intern at DHP would help devise a plan to educate personnel on how to work with interpreters and also help educate interpreters on the interpreter’s role and correct intervention procedures. Additionally, a new IPOD dispatch software system is being set in place. DHP needs help rolling out the system and educating personnel and interpreters on how to use it.

Monica T. Brown
Manager of Outpatient Departments
(336) 713-9621
Pager: pager (336) 806-6099
1200 Martin Luther King Jr Dr
Winston-Salem, NC 27101-3006
Downtown Health Plaza

Frank Morgan Elementary/ Forest Park Elementary – Forsyth County Schools

Morgan and Forest Park Elementary Schools are part of the greater Forsyth County public school system, both with large Hispanic populations. The schools are in need of interpreters to communicate with families of students during parent-teacher conferences, IEP meetings, home visits, assemblies, school events, curriculum nights, phone calls etc.

Its interns at Forest Park and Morgan Elementary Schools will get hands-on community interpreting experience from day one and at the same time have the satisfaction of providing much needed community service.

Ana D. Ortiz
District Bilingual Coordinator
336.748.4000 ex. 51514
P.O. Box 2513
Winston_Salem, NC 27012

Forsyth Hospital/Novant Health

Novant Health is the first healthcare organization in the region to create Diversity and Inclusion Department and appoint a Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Deborah Ashton, who will supervise the ISH interns. Interns will work with the Care and Operations Diversity Action Committee to promote outreach and develop strategies.

Forsyth Hospital, part of the Novant Health group, provides services to a large LEP population and offers interpreting services 24/7. ITS Interns will initially shadow and observe one or more staff interpreters and then will interpret under supervision of a staff interpreter. Interns will experience the professional medical interpreting setting in many different departments of a large hospital.

Glenda Livengood
Director of Student Programs
Office: 336-718-6082
Fax: 336-277-6986
Forsyth Medical Center
3333 Silas Creek Parkway
Winston Salem, NC 27103
Novant Health

Legal Aid NC

Legal Aid of North Carolina is a statewide, nonprofit law firm that provides free legal services in civil matters to low-income people in order to ensure equal access to justice and to remove barriers to economic opportunity. They help individuals, families and communities with legal problems affecting basic human needs, such as family, housing, employment and income. ITS interns will help their efforts to support the Hispanic community by translating documents (non-legal) and providing interpreting services in their offices when required.

Yvette Stackhouse
102 West Third Street, Suite 460
Liberty Plaza
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Legal Aid NC

Southside Health Center

Southside United Health Center began as an outgrowth of community organizing activities lead by Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods and six neighborhood associations in southeastern Winston-Salem in 2003.  Leaders from Morningside, Southside, Waughtown Street, Easton, Flatrock and Belview neighborhoods identified healthcare as a community need that is critical to a healthy neighborhood.

Lara Quinliven, MPH
3009 Waughtown St.
Winston-Salem, NC 27107
336-293-8728 ex. 105
Southside Clinic

Wake Forest Baptist Health

Wake Forest Baptist Health provides services to a large LEP population. It has a team of Spanish language interpreters on staff and provides interpreting services 24/7. Interns will initially shadow and observe one or more staff interpreters and then will interpret under supervision of a staff interpreter.

ITS interns will experience the professional medical interpreting setting in many different departments of a large hospital.

Anna C. Hoover
Language Services Manager
Office of the Patient Experience
Medical Center Blvd
Winston-Salem, NC 27157
Wake Forest Baptist Health

Department of Social Services

The mission of the DSS is to improve the capacity of the community to protect the children of Forsyth County who are abused, neglected, or dependent. The objective is to provide coordinated and effective action by the appropriate participation of child protective services, the criminal justice system, law enforcement, medical, and counseling personnel regarding the investigation, assessment, and treatment of child abuse and neglect. Many of the cases taken by DSS involve the Hispanic Community. Interns will work with the DSS staff and interpreters to facilitate communication with that community where required.

741 North Highland Avenue
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Sherri Cook
Department of Social Services

For those interns who will need a criminal background check, Investigative Associates & Consultants is a good resource. You can visit their website here: