Graduate Program in Interpreting and Translation Studies

MA Students Present Final Research Projects



As part of their applied research project, students prepared posters and a 15 minute presentation that were presented this afternoon in a session open to the public and attended by faculty, students, family and friends.

Topics included:

The Meaning of Maturana’s “Outside and Undressed” Exposed in Translation: The Difficulty of Negotiating Style and Meaning
Samantha Styers

The Impact of Hispanic Cultural Traits on End-of-Life Care Decisions
Nazanin Kaussari

The Complex Simplicity of Elephants, Mirrors, and Suneaters: Translation Challenges in Elsa Borneman’s Short Stories
Corbin Jackson

Improving the Success of Interpreting Events at Downtown Health Plaza in Winston-Salem, NC
Kayla Campbell 

Medical Interpreters in North Carolina: Contrasting the Job Market and Educational Preparation
Elizabeth Gamino

A Meaning-Based Methodology to Term Translation: the U.S.-Mexican Military Case
José Galindo

Language Use and Cognitive Flexibility
Jordan Van Horn