Graduate Program in Interpreting and Translation Studies

Workshop on Interpreting in Conflict Zones

Angola’s Civil War: Reconciliation and Forgiveness

Workshop on Interpreting in Conflict Zones

Father Henryk Ślusarczyk, a missionary in Africa for 13 years, came to WFU as a quest of the ITS program to offer a workshop on interpreting in conflict zone on May 11th. Addressing the challenges that an interpreter faces when translating between groups in conflict as related to their cultural, traditional, faith-related, socio-economic and linguistic differences, Father Henryk lead a lively discussion amongst students and faculty. Participants looked at case studies of language brokerage between smaller disrupted communities, families and ethnic groups with a particular emphasis placed on the Angolan variation of Portuguese and its evolution in contact with the local tribal languages.

Later the same day, Father Henryk presented a workshop with ITS students doing relay interpreting, Portuguese – English – Chinese and Spanish, in three different specialized domains: medicine (malaria prevention), politics (Polish modern history and politics ) and religion ( Divine Word Missionaries’ formation process).

Rev. Henryk Ślusarczyk is a Divine Word missionary who worked in Angola during the country’s multi-ethnic conflicts. He holds an MA in Biblical Spirituality from Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, IL and has an extensive experience as religious translator and interpreter.