Interpreting and Translation Studies

The Applied Research Project, equivalence of an MA thesis, establishes a rigorous connection between the practical experience in the workplace and the more theoretical experience in research and in the classroom.

Applied Research Project is divided in two components: during the fall semester (3 credit hours) students learn about general research methodology and receive individual guidance to choose between the research project options. During the spring semester (3 credit hours) students complete the research project under the supervision of a project director. Completed projects are presented and defended publicly at the end of the spring semester, and project-based posters enter a poster competition.

Winners of 2021 Applied Research Project Poster Competition

1st place
Mengmeng Shi
– Project Director: Dr. Chaowei Zhu

Mengmeng Shi ARP

2nd place
Mariana Valverde Vargas – Project Director: Dr. Diego Burgos

Mariana Valverde ARP

3rd place
Dulce Rivas Rangel – Project Director: Dr. Brett Rosenberg

Rivas Rangel ARP