Interpreting and Translation Studies

Chaowei Zhu 朱超威

Associate Teaching Professor
ITS Associate Director
Assistant Dean for Global Initiatives

Areas of Expertise
Financial and Business Translation,
Localization, Organizational Behavior

Dr. Chaowei Zhu, a native of China, received his MBA and PhD from Renmin University of China, Beijing, and his MA in Intercultural Services in Healthcare from Wake Forest University. Dr. Zhu is an ATA-certified translator in English-Chinese and an expert member (fellow) of the Translators Association of China. His primary research interests include organizational behavior and leadership, Chinese-English business translation, and medical interpreting. He is currently working on integrating organizational behavior theories into the research and practice of medical interpreting in intercultural/multicultural contexts.

Recent Publications

Zhu C. W. Li J.L. Information manipulation in three non-conduit roles in medical interpreting: A process-based analysis. Conference proceedings to be published by LICTRA. Germany, 2020.

Zhu C. W. How different is translated Hong Lou Meng from native classic English novels: Corpus-based evidence for translation universals. Asia-Pacific Interdisciplinary Translation Studies. 2016 (2)

Yang C., Zhu C. W., Lv Jun-Min., The Impact of Potential Players on Nash Equilibrium: A perspective of cooperation in FIPD. Journal of Management Sciences in China. 2013 (01) in Chinese)

Zhu C. W., Zhang K., and Li J. L. A Review of CAS-Based Leadership Research and Model Construction of Top Leader Role-Behavior. Foreign Economics and Management. 2010.4 (In Chinese)

Li J. L., & Zhu C.W. Study on the Improvement of Pragmatic Translation Quality. Jiangxi Social Science. 2010.4 (in Chinese)

Zhu C. W., & Li J. L. Individual Employee Creativity in Organizations: An Integrated Model. Science and Technology Management Research. 2007.12 (in Chinese)

Recent Conferences

Zhu C. W & Li J. L. Applying computer-aided translation tools and team approach to literary translation: A pilot study design. The 1st International Symposium on Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature in Translation. Orlando, FL, Oct 3-6.

Li J.L., Zhu C.W. Ye Y Hong, How dynamic partnership & Community engagement enhance Chinese immersion education, NCLC, San Diego, May 9-11, 2019
Zhu C.W., Li J. L. More than just an interpreter: Staff medical interpreters’ roles revisited. CIUTI, Edinburgh, UK May 30-31, 2018.

Zhu C.W., Li J. L. Information manipulation of three non-conduit roles in medical interpreting A process-based analysis. 10th Leipzig International Conference on Translation & Interpretation Studies. Leipzig, Germany, March 12-16, 2017.

Ma Y., Zhu C.W. Explicitation in English-Chinese Translation: A Corpus-based Review and Future Research Agenda. 10th Leipzig International Conference on Translation & Interpretation Studies. Leipzig, Germany, March 12-16, 2017.

Zhu C.W., The “conduit metaphor” revisited: An Organizational Behavior approach to the study of staff medical interpreters, CRLCC International Conference on Language and Culture Contact. Toronto, Canada, November 18-20, 2016.

Translation Projects

  • Lisa Cole & Joy Eaton, While Mommy Was Fast Asleep. Vestra Lingua Kids. Translator (to be published in 2020)
  • Geraldine E. Hynes, Managerial Communication: Strategies and Applications (6th Edition). SAGE. 1st Translator (to be published in 2020)
  • Herbert Gintis. Individuality and Entanglement: The moral and material bases of social life. Princeton University Press. 1st Translator (to be published in 2020)
  • Robert Kreitner & Angelo Kinicki. Organizational Behavior (10th Edition), Renmin University Press. May 2018. Translator.
  • Rebecca Shambaugh. Leadership Secrets of Hillary Clinton. Beijing: Renmin University Press. May 2016. 2nd Translator.
  • Edgar H. Schein. Organizational Culture and Leadership (4th Edition). Beijing: Renmin University Press. 2014. 3rd Translator & Proofreader.
  • Liu Xiaoxuan. The Micro-Foundation of China’s Market Economy. Singapore: Cengage Learning Asia. 2009. Translator.
  • Richard. L. Daft. Organization Theories and Design (9th Edition). Beijing: Renmin University Press. 2009. Participating translator.
  • Martin Kilduff and Wenpin Tsai. Social Networks and Organizations. Translated edition. Beijing: Renmin University Press. 2007. 2nd Translator.