Interpreting and Translation Studies

Graduates Job Profiles

We are proud of the myriad of paths our highly capable graduates take. Below are some examples of where an M.A. in Translation and Interpreting Studies from WFU can take you!

Language Industry and Intercultural Services

70% of our graduates

Anna Phillips
Medical Interpreter
Novant Health Group
ITS 2023

José Salinas-Valdivia
Medical Interpreter
NorthPoint Healthcare Center
ITS 2023, ToI 2023

Kylie Hayes
Kylie Hayes-Johnson
Interpreter and Translator
ITS 2023

Madison CampbellMadison Campbell
Medical Interpreter
Atrium Health
ITS 2023

Emma Carter
Interpreter and Translator
KNAPP North America
ITS 2021

Yuqing Cao 曹雨晴
Translation Supervisor
InnoStar Bio-tech Co., Ltd.
ITS 2020

Yuzhu Zhang 张雨竹
Media Translator and Analyst
ITS 2020

Neo Tai
Freeland Video Game Localization Specialist
ITS 2020

Yuanyuan Zhang 张媛媛
Co-founder of Seed Education
Bilingual educator/interpreter
ITS 2019

Ryan Popma
Freelance Medical Interpreter
ITS 2019

Kayleigh Zeeff
Language Technician, Phrasee, Ltd.
ITS 2019

Michelle Zhan 詹婉群
Case Manager and Coordinator for Chinese Student Life,
Wake Forest University
ITS 2019

José Leiva
English-Spanish Translation Services Specialist,
ITS 2018

Angela Pegarella
Bilingual Marketing Business Development Specialist,
Pride Mobility Products
ITS 2018

Taylor Dixon
Medical Interpreter,
Novant Health Group
ITS 2017

Christina Huneycutt
Freelance Interpreter and Translator
ITS 2017

Xi Lan 兰希
Video and Audio Interpreter,
Language Line Solutions
ITS 2017

Allison Perrell
USCIS Spanish Interpreter,
ITS 2017

Hannah Ratkowski
Bilingual Educator and Interpreter/Translator,
Buncombe County Schools
ITS 2017

Catherine Wilson
Medical Interpreter,
UNC Health Care
ITS 2017

Carlos Fasola, PhD
Languages Services Supervisor,
Wake Forest Baptist Health
ITS 2016

Melissa Guerrero Gelinas
Program Officer,
Liberty’s Promise
ITS 2016

Chelsie Hastings
Spanish Language Interpreter/Translator,
The Bronx Defenders
ITS 2016

Kela Plater
Spanish-English Translator
ESL Instructor
ISH 2016

Ryan Sefcovic

Freelance Translator
ITS 2016

Jessica Shanks
Freelance Interpreter/Translator
ITS 2016

Anna Tal
Freelance Interpreter/Translator
ITS 2016

Felicity Ratway
Freelance Interpreter/Translator and Language Access Specialist
ITS 2015

Sara Thomas
Freelance Interpreter/Translator, Writer and Editor
ITS 2015

José Pedro Galindo, PhD
General Director of English 4 All Mexico and Sub-director of Translation and Interpreting,
Federal Government of Mexico
ITS 2014

Corbin Jackson
Texas Health and Human Services Commission
ITS 2014

Nazanin Kaussari
Research Analyst and Subject Matter Specialist
ISH 2014

Derek Cotter
Medical Interpreter/Translator,
East Tennessee Children’s Hospital
ITS 2013

Academia and PhD studies

20% of our graduates


Peter Ma 马晓路
Doctoral Fellow in Communication Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
ISH 2023
ITS 2017

Mariana Valverde Vargas
Associate Professor
Modern Languages School
Universidad de Costa Rica
ITS 2021

Mengmeng Shi
Full-time Teaching Assistant
Department of East Asian Languages
and Cultures, WFU
ITS 2021

Hongyu Lu 陆竑羽
Doctoral Fellow in Translation Studies SUNY Binghamton University
ISH 2020

Tong Wu
Doctoral Fellow in Translation Studies
SUNY Binghamton
ITS 2020

Wenting Zhou
Doctoral Fellow in Translation Studies
SUNY Binghamton
ITS 2019

Longhui Zou
Doctoral Fellow in Translation Studies
Kent State University
ITS 2019

Chentao Peng  彭陈涛
Changsha Normal University, China
ITS 2019

Dongdong Yang 杨东东
Doctoral Fellow in Communications
University of Connecticut
ITS 2018

Devin Gilbert
Assistant Professor of Interpreting and Translation
Utah Valley University
ITS 2018

Peter Till
Doctoral Student at the Universidat Autónoma de Barcelona
ITS 2018


Ying Ma 马颖
Assistant Professor
Nova Southeastern University
ITS 2017

Junlan Li
Assistant Principal
Chinese Immersion School
ITS  2017

Natalia Rodriguez Blanco
Doctoral Student in Translation, Interpreting, and Intercultural Studies
Università di Bologna
ITS 2016

Xixi Wang
Doctoral Fellow at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
ISH 2016

Chaowei Zhu 朱超威
Associate Teaching Professor and Assistant Dean for Global Initiatives,
WFU Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
ISH 2015

Tris Ann Faulkner
Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics
Kalamazoo College
ITS 2014

Elisabeth Baker
Doctoral Fellow in Hispanic Linguistics
The University of New Mexico
ITS 2014

Other Careers

10% of our graduates

Wei Zhu 朱卫
Clinical Data Programmer,
Science 37
ITS 2020

Lu Ma 马璐 
Sichuan Airlines Co., Ltd
ITS 2020

Teresa He 何佳欣
Financial Advisor,
Merrill Lynch
ITS 2019

Ranran Liu
International Education Consultant,
ITS 2018

Jazmin Cromartie
Doctoral Student East Carolina School of Dental Medicine
ISH 2016

Itzel Sanchez
Clinical Manager,
All Smiles Harrisonburg
ISH 2015

Leah Shoup
Digital Content Creator and Travel Writer,
TIS 2014

Elizabeth Gamino
Medical Fraud Investigator,
SAIF Corporation
ISH 2014

Courtney Pelley
Vice President – Strategic Partnerships,
Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center
ISH 2013