Interpreting and Translation Studies
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Experience the most advanced simultaneous interpreting laboratory in the world.

The Lab

Wake Forest’s bleeding edge simultaneous interpreting lab contains the Televic Plixus line of interpreting equipment. Exactly what you would find in a real venue.


After assembling the best faculty, we need the best equipment. From day 1, simultaneous practice takes place inside real fully operational interpreting booths. Instead of a foreign language learning lab, you will be in a real booth performing.

Interpreting Desks

Televic’s most advanced interpreter desk allows you to engage in relay interpreting and select languages just like a real venue. Daily, students sit down and begin interpreting exactly as they would on the job.

Academic Technology

The key difference from a stand alone interpretating network is under the hood. Our system hooks into two other powerful networks allowing custom interfaces to provide instructors and students with the tools needed to engage in academic exercises.

Flexibility and Variety

Booths can be setup with a variety of headset and microphone configurations. Booths are available to meet ADA standards as well as give the feel of different physical layouts. Students can work in pairs or even as many as triples.

Your Space

Each booth is equipped with equipment identical to an interpreting booth at a prestigious venue, such as EU Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg.

  • Televic Lingua Interpreter Desk
  • Full Size (20″) Screen for Video Monitoring
  • Audio-Technica Headsets
  • Broadcast Quality Gooseneck Microphones
  • Lenovo Ultrabook Laptops

People and Technology

Learn the Real Skills

Since exercises take place in a real booth, real issues come up. That is when real people respond to your call. Students will learn to interact with technicians during simulated technical problems.

Learn the Technology

Interpreters work in diverse environments and with an extensive variety of technology. At Wake Forest, you get to touch and use the real technology. Our technical staff engage directly with students to provide a complete learning experience.

Into the Field

Our engineering staff go beyond the lab to work with students and faculty to craft unique solutions to meet the needs of internship opportunities and various experimental methods.