Interpreting and Translation Studies

MA in Teaching of Interpreting

This track offers a comprehensive curriculum for teaching of interpreting to faculty of colleges nationwide. It is the only academic program in the Northern hemisphere to focus on methodology of teaching interpreting. Graduates of the program will not only provide their students with a set of techniques on how to interpret, but they will also teach, mentor, and raise awareness about the interpreting practice and profession. The curriculum lays the foundation for understanding the interpreting encounter, the co-conversational process, and sociocultural determinations, among other important goals, and it includes a broad interdisciplinary research component, which is absent from the training seminars/workshops of other, non-academic programs.

Language requirements
This track requires strong foreign language competency and proven interpreting experience. It is, however, non-language specific. Courses are held in English and it is open to candidates with any language combination.

Duration and course requirements
This is a full-time (36 credit hour), intense, two-semester course of studies that runs from the end of August until mid-May. In addition to the coursework, an internship and an applied research project will allow students to make a rigorous connection between the practical experience in the workplace and their more theoretical experience in the classroom.

Core Courses (30 hrs):

  • Applied Interpreting Studies (TIS 731, 3 hrs)
  • Methodology of Teaching Interpreting (TIS 732, 3 hrs)
  • Discourse Organization and Interpreting (TIS 735, 3 hrs)
  • Organizational Behavior and Interpreting (TIS 736 3 hrs)
  • Remote Interpreting (TIS 737, 3 hrs)
  • Internship (TIS 684, 3hr)
  • Applied Research Project (TIS 785, 6 hrs)
  • Sociolinguistics and Dialectology (LIN 610, 3 hrs)
  • Spanish-English Interpreting (or designated equivalent) (SPA 682, 3 hrs)

Elective Courses – two from the following (6 hrs):*

  • Contrastive Spanish/English Grammar and Stylistics (language specific) (SPA 624, 3 hrs)
  • Medical-Scientific Translation (SPA 683, 3 hrs)
  • Special Topics: Business-Financial Translation (TIS 742, 3 hrs)
  • Language Use and Technology (LIN 680, 3 hrs)
  • Localization and Terminology (LIN 683, 3 hrs)
  • Applied Translation Studies (TIS 733, 3 hrs)
  • U.S. Heritage Speakers and Bilingualism TIS 734 (3 hrs)
  • Multimedia Translation (TIS 770, 3hrs)
  • Independent Study (TIS 789, 1-3 hrs)

*Note: not all elective courses are offered every semester