Interpreting and Translation Studies

ITS hosted the 9th Asian-Pacific Forum on Translation and Intercultural Studies in March 2022

Build a career in the field of interpreting and translation

The Interpreting and Translation Program at Wake Forest University prepares professionals to work in the growing language industry to meet the needs of today’s corporations, governments and organizations operating in a wide array of settings such as foreign affairs, media, business, law and healthcare in a globalized, linguistically diverse world. Our program is profession-oriented and research-driven.

corporations, governments and organizations operate in a globalized, ethnically diverse world fueled by ever-faster communication technologies.

The current lack 
of interpreters and translators has led the U.S. Department of Labor to project a 19% increase in employment from 2018 to 2028, more than triple the national average of 6% for all other occupations.

To meet this demand, 
there is a need not only for interpreters and translators but also for teachers of interpreting and cross-cultural specialists for culture-sensitive positions at managerial levels.

In response 
to this demand, our program offers three MA tracks, and for students who would like to focus on an area of interest in a more flexible, customized manner, the program offers four Graduate Certificates