Graduate Program in Interpreting and Translation Studies


Program Directors and Faculty

The ITS program faculty specializations reflect the interdisciplinary character of the program and cover a broad spectrum of intercultural and interlingual communication areas. The program faculty provides expertise in such areas as interpreting theory, linguistics, communication across cultures, ethics, management, organizational behavior and approaches to different healthcare related contexts.


Olgierda Furmanek, Professor – Spanish, Interpreting and Translation Studies – Director. Founding director of the Interpreting and Translation Studies Program at Wake Forest University, Dr. Furmanek is an international authority on interpreting didactics, psychology of interpreting, and the ethics of interpreting and translation. She serves as a consultant to new programs in community interpreting throughout the US.

Sarah E. Barbour, Professor – French and Francophone Language, Literature and Culture –Associate Director. Former director of the WFU Teaching and Learning Center and a translator herself, Dr. Barbour, participated in the summer Certificate Program in Teaching Translation and Interpretation at the Monterey Institute for International Studies. She developed and has taught a course on translation studies in the French curriculum.

Chaowei Zhu – Assistant Teaching Professor – Co-Director of the Chinese and ISH tracks. Dr. Zhu is an ATA-certified translator in English-Chinese and an expert member (fellow) of the Translators Association of China. His primary research interests include organizational behavior and leadership, business translation, and medical interpreting.


Diego Burgos, Associate Professor – Spanish and Linguistics. Dr. Burgos’ areas of research interest include Translation Studies, Terminology Management and Localization, Computer Assisted Translation and Natural Language Processing.

Mollie Rose Canzona, Assistant Professor – Department of Communications. Her research focuses on family coping during health transitions and patient-provider communication and training. She is particularly interested in how illness uncertainty and communication about taboo/challenging topics are tied to health outcomes across the life span.

Jerid Francom, Associate Professor – Spanish and Linguistics. Dr. Francom specializes in knowledge management, language resources and computational language applications.

Olgierda Furmanek, Professor – Spanish, Interpreting and Translation Studies. Dr. Furmanek is an international authority on interpreting didactics, psychology of interpreting, and the ethics of interpreting and translation. She serves as a consultant to new programs in community interpreting throughout the US.

Steve Giles, Associate Professor – Communication. Dr. Giles primary areas of research expertise include adolescent substance use prevention, problem behavior program implementation, and social and media influence on body image among college students.

Luis González, Associate Professor – Spanish and Applied Linguistics. Dr. Gonzalez specializes in web-assisted language competencies development and language testing.

Zhewei Gregory, Adjunct Applied Research Project Director. She received her Ph.D. in Translation Studies from Kent State University and has held faculty positions at Wittenberg University and Georgia Institute of Technology. She is the founder and CEO of Diplomat Communications, LLC, a technology-driven language service and training agency. Her primary research interests include cognitive translation studies, translation process and translation technologies.

Michael Hazen, Professor – International Communications. Dr. Hazen’s research areas include Contemporary Theories of Communication and Rhetoric, Comparative Communication across Cultures, Empirical Research in Communication, and Intercultural Communication.

Tiffany E. Judy, Assistant Professor – Hispanic Linguistics & Second Language Acquisition. Dr. Judy specializes in adult second language acquisition, focusing on (morpho)syntactic properties. She has also conducted research on heritage speakers, child bilinguals and third language acquisition.

Sherry Moss, Professor – Organizational Studies. Dr. Moss’ research interests include attribution theory, feedback, abusive supervision, leader-member exchange, leader emergence and meaningful work.

Stephanie Pellet, Associate Professor – French and Applied Linguistics. Dr. Pellet specializes in discourse studies and is the author of a textbook for conversational French. Dr. Pellet teaches French Translation.

Gabriel Quiroz, Visiting Associate Professor. Dr. Quiroz holds a DEA (Advanced Studies Diploma) in Theoretical Linguistics and a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics from Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) Institute of Applied Linguistics in Barcelona, Spain. He is Professor of Translation and Language Technologies at the University of Antioquia School of Languages, Colombia, where he has coordinated the Sworn Translation Certification of Colombia since 2010.

Brett Rosenberg, Teaching Assistant Professor. Dr. Rosenberg holds a PhD in Spanish Linguistics and has worked as a medical and legal interpreter and translator for over 20 years. His research interests include discourse analysis and corpus linguistics.

Teresa Sanhueza, Associate Professor of Romance Languages (Spanish). She received her PhD from The University of Michigan and has held a visiting appointment at Oberlin College. She has published on Latin American theater in numerous journal articles and book chapters including publications in Latin American Theater Review, Acta Literaria, Revista de Humanidades, Italian Americana, and Revista afuera. She is the author of Continuidad, Transformación y Cambio: El grotesco criollo de Armando Discépolo. (Buenos Aires: Editorial Nueva Generación, 2004). Her current research focuses on Chilean and Argentinean Theater. She is currently co-editing a book in honor of Mauricio Ostria and finishing a book on Roberto Arlt.

Andrew Smith, Adjunct Instructor, Department of Communications, and Program Coordinator, English Language Skills Enhancement Program. His areas of teaching expertise include second language acquisition and the development of intercultural competence.

Wei Whitbeck, Adjunct Professor of Practice. She received her MA in Interpretation and Translation from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, has been providing translation and interpreting services in Mandarin Chinese and English since 2001. She currently serves as the Vice President of Nebraska Association for Translators and Interpreters. She is a founding member of Translation Your World, a US-based niche technology and media localization company.

Chaowei Zhu, Assistant Teaching Professor. Dr. Zhu, a native of China, received his MBA and PhD from Renmin University of China, Beijing, and his MA in Interpreting and Translation Studies from Wake Forest University. His primary research interests include organizational behavior and leadership, Chinese-English business translation, and medical interpreting. He is currently working on integrating organizational behavior theories into the research and practice of medical interpreting in intercultural/multicultural contexts. He is also the Assistant Dean for Global Initiatives for the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Visiting Scholars

Wenhua Qin, Visiting Scholar 2017-18: Associate Professor. Dr. Qin received her PhD in Translation Theory and Practice from Nanjing University. She was a postdoctoral research fellow in Foreign Languages and Literature at Nanjing Normal University from 2008 to 2011. Dr. Qin currently teaches at Nanjing Normal University and her research interests lie in American civilization, translation theory and cross-cultural communication.

Zhenqin Xiong, Visiting Scholar 2018-19: Professor and Associate Dean, School of Economics and Management, Yichun University. Dr. Xiong holds a PhD in World Economics. She was a post-doctoral research fellow at Beijing Normal University from 2012-15. Dr. Xiong’s main research interests include world economics, cross-cultural management and financial translation.